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Shinn Asuka x Stellar Loussier Community
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Here's a comminuty for fans of Shinn Asuka x Stellar Loussier from the anime series Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny (aka GSD).

If you like Stellar and Shinn's relationship (be it romantically, friendship, or however you like to interpret it), or just love the characters as individuals, go ahead and join!

We're all just here to share the love of Shinn x Stellar (or Shinn and Stellar) and have fun. Enjoy!


This community is for
・posting and sharing fanwork: artwork, fanfiction, vidoes, icons, etc...
・discussions, questions, talks about ShinSte, GSD
・get to meet other ShinSte fans
・just enjoy Shinn x Stellar!

Basic rules
・please use a LJ-cut, or at least a warning for major spoilers. some may just be getting into the series (never too late!).
・never take anything posted without asking, whether it be fanart, icons, anything.


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